Admission 2014

The results of the admission colloquium, session September 2014-October 2014

The Institute of Legal Research “Acad. Andrei Radulescu” of the Romanian Academy, organizes the colloquium admission of doctoral studies, for the fundamental domain “Juridical Sciences”, doctoral domain “Law”, session September-October 2014.

The registrations are open between 8-19 September 2014 (lucrative days), between the hours 9.00-13.00 at the Institute secretariat, Casa Academiei Romane, etaj 4, chamber 4256, tel. +40/021.318.81.30, dna Rozalia Flamanzeanu).

Number of places approved for Law domain (without stipend) – 4
Prof.univ.dr. Ion Dogaru- 2 places (Civil Law)
Prof univ dr. MirceaDutu – 2 places (Environmental Law)

The themes for the admission colloquium:
Civil Law (pdf)
Environmental Law (pdf)

Necessary documents for registration:
For the registration to the PhD admission colloquium, the candidates, Romanian citizens, will have to present the following documents:
1.  Application form - standard form
2. Birth Certificate (legalized copy)
3. Marriage certificate or other document of changing the name (legalized copy)
4. High school diploma (legalized copy)
5. Bachelor’s degree and transcripts (legalized copies)
6. Masters Degree and transcripts (legalized copies)
7. Identity Card (photocopies)
8. Certificate of sustaining an exam of linguistics competence, sustained at the Centre of Foreign Languages, of Bucharest University (minimum level B2, according to the reference frame of the European Council)
9. Other Certificates that attests university education and/or post-university course within the field of law
10. CV-European model
11. A list of scientific paper published within the field of law
12. A bibliography list with the specialized literature studied for the admission colloquium
13. Sign-up - Application form (standard form)
14. Proposal regarding the doctoral thesis that will be elaborated along with a short presentation
15. The receipt of the fee
16. Certificate of employee for the candidates employed within the Institute of Legal Research “Acad. Andrei Radulescu” of the Romanian Academy