Scientific communications sessions

Year 2010 - Dynamic of the Romanian Law after the Adhering to the European Union
                   (26 April)
                       Scientific Communication Session with International Participation
The archive
of the Scientific Sessions organized by the Institute of Juridical Research “Acad. Andrei Radulescu” of the Romanian Academy
Year 2009 - Romanian Law in the Context of the Exigencies of the European Union
                  (29 April)
Year 2008 - Communitarian Law and Internal Law –
                 Aspects regarding Legislation and Jurisprudence (17 April)
Year 2007 - Romanian Law after the Integration to European Union (29 March)
Year 2006 - European Integration and the Romanian Law (24 March)
Year 2005 - The Romanian Law and the European Constitution (25 March)
Year 2004 - Romanian Law and the European Integration (26 March)